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AntiDUSTtape Applications AntiDUSTtape Applications AntiDUSTtape Applications

In order to ensure the clarity of multiwall polycarbonate and acrylic glazing sheets, most manufacturers recommend that both ends of the sheet are sealed with a proper top edge sealing - and bottom edge filter tape - this to prevent contamination or moisture build-up.

AntiDust LogoWe are the exclusive North and South American distributor for AntiDUSTtape—the breathable tape for your multiwall acrylic or polycarbonate sheeting.

AntiDUSTtape on Acrylic Sheet Edge

AntiDUSTtape is a non-woven tape system for sealing the top and bottom edges of multiwall polycarbonate or acrylic sheeting.

Typical applications include:

  • atriums
  • barrel vaults of walkways
  • commercial greenhouses
  • conservatory and sport arena roofing
  • carports
  • canopies
  • geodesic domes
  • gazebos
  • hurricane protective glazing
  • industrial, residential, commercial and security glazing
  • mall roofing
  • mass transit stations and shelters
  • storm doors and windows
  • skylights
  • sunrooms
  • swimming pools

AntiDUSTtape is a patented product.

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