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AntiDUSTtape is non-woven tape system used for sealing the top and bottom edges of multiwall polycarbonate and acrylic sheets.

AntiDUSTtape is specifically designed to stop mold, algae, insects and dust from accumulating within the walls of multiwall polycarbonate and acrylic sheets.

Advantages of AntiDUSTtape over other products include:

  • Ease of application
  • Proper drainage of condensation
  • Maintains clarity of multiwall sheets
  • Extra durable construction and long life of tape materials

Typical applications include:

  • atriums
  • barrel vaults of walkways
  • commercial greenhouses
  • conservatory and sport arena roofing
  • carports
  • canopies
  • geodesic domes
  • gazebos
  • hurricane protective glazing
  • industrial, residential, commercial and security glazing
  • mall roofing
  • mass transit stations and shelters
  • storm doors and windows
  • skylights
  • sunrooms
  • swimming pools
  • DIY greenhouses or Hobby houses

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