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Sealing G4600

The polycarbonate industry changes and develops as the needs of the customers and environment are getting more demanding. Multifoil has always been at the forefront of innovating and inventing AntiDUST® Tapes for the Polycarbonate industry. 

When we meet with manufacturers, converters and installers of multiwall sheets we’ve always wondered how we could reduce the waist produced by the liner of blanking tape. We took it upon ourselves to develop a liner less self-wound blanking tape without compromising our level of quality. Our goal was to develop a self-wound sealing tape but without the hazards of slipping, time consuming cleaning and environmental toll of the liner. After extensive testing we found the solution: the G4600.


4½ / 6 / 8 mm
28 mm G462833 m 55
10 / 16 mm38 mmG463833 m40
16 / 20 mm 42 mmG464233 m35
25 mm50 mmG465033 m30
32 / 35 mm60 mmG466033 m25
40 / 45 mm75 mmG447033 m20
50 / 55 mm80 mmG468033 m15
55 / 60 mm90 mmG469033 m15