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Especially for our AntiDUST customers we have developed tools to apply our tape quickly and perfectly.

The proper application of the AntiDUST® tape will ensure that the polycarbonate or acrylic sheet will retain its clarity for years to come!

Application Tool – Masking Stripper

We like to think of you as a partner in our business and our goal is to work with you, listen to your needs, and develop complimentary products that will improve your ability to process your panels quickly and effectively. The main advantage of using the masking stripper is that it allows removal of the correct amount of protection film to give you access to apply the vent tape. If too much protection film is rolled back the panel risks being damaged on its way to the site where it will be installed.

We have made a short demonstration video below for you to see the Masking Stripper in action. It is a simple but effective tool that speeds up the throughput of panels in your factory saving you time and ultimately money.